1969 Malibu - Pell

Mike Pell's 1969 Malibu

Here’s a details about my car:

  1. The car is 1969 Chevelle Malibu, originally equipped with a 307, Powerglide, 10 bolt single track with 3.08 gears, drum brakes all around, and power steering.  It was a pretty basic car.  Now it sports the following:
  2. 486 BBC (454 + 0.060), 10.2:1 compression, Eagle rods, stock crank, Silvo-lite hyperuetectic pistons, 1973 “049” oval port heads with 2.19”/1.88” valves, Unlite distributor, roller rockers, Edelbrock dual plane intake, Holley Street Avenger sp carb, and to top it off, a .622” lift solid roller cam! 
  3. According to Desktop Dyno 2000, I should expect 555hp @ 6000rpm, and 564ft lb @ 4500rpm.  And the torque curve is very long and flat, starting with 498 ft lb @2500rpm, and stretching all the way to 485ft lb @ 6000.  I expect the software is optimistic.
  4. I’ve custom installed a TREMEC TKO-600 5 speed manual transmission.  Click this link to see more.
  5. I’ve back-halved the rear and installed an Art Morrison narrowed rear clip. 
  6. A Mosier Engineering (M/E) Ford 9” with disk brakes holds up the back of the car.  A M/E spool  with 4.11 Richmond gears and M/E axles are installed.
  7. The rear wheels/tires are 15”x15” Welds with 18.5” x 31” Mickey Thompson Sportsmans Pros.
  8. The front wheels are 15” x 6” Welds.
  9. The interior is all original equipment, right down to the heater delete plate.
  10. The hood is a 5” Harwod FG, with a smoothed underside.
  11. Original equipment front disk brakes, Ford OEM rear disk brakes.
  12. The top is painted a gloss black, and the body color is 2001 Dodge truck blue (paint code PB3).
  13. The ghosted Bowtie and flames are painted with a blue pearl, and are very subtle.

 There's more info and pictures here: http://www.prostreetcar.com/69_malibu.html


  • 11-27-2006pics 022 (Small)
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