How to Remove a Windshield



How to Remove a Windshield or Back Glass


If you're particular about who works on your Chevelle, you'd probably prefer to replace your own glass should the need arise.

It's not that difficult and ensures that protecting your paint and trim, etc., is in your control.

This issue will explain how to remove the glass and make your own seal cutting tool. Next issue will be about installing the glass.
 It's good to protect the paint by putting a double layer of masking tape on the paint up against the window trim around the entire perimeter. Next put a  heavy blanket on your hood or deck lid and tape it in place.

 Remove the exterior moldings with the special tool made just for this purpose. Do not attempt it without the proper tool. The tools are available from auto body supply stores and Chevelle parts houses.

 It takes a little practice to get the clips to release the moldings but the main thing is to BE SURE you*re prying on a clip and not on the edge of the glass. Many windshields have been cracked this way.

 It's not so important if you're replacing the glass with new but if you're going to reuse the glass, it obviously is.  Remove the interior trim as well and protect the adjacent surfaces. Special tools are available to cut through the butyl seal that holds and seals the glass to the body but you can make your own like I did.

 Get some thin, strong, flexible wire and cut a length about 24 inches long. Braided picture hanging wire is good. Make sure you have plenty of extra because you’ll probably break the wire a few times. Cut two 4 inch long pieces of wooden broomstick or wood dowel of about  ¾” to 1”diameter. These will be your handles. Drill a hole in the center of each dowel length (across the diameter) just big enough for the wire to pass through. Install a wood screw in the center of the dowel length 90 degrees from the hole. On one handle go ahead and pass the wire through the hole and wrap several turns around the wood screw. Then tighten down the screw to secure the wire.

 From the exterior side of the glass, take an ice pick, awl, or other thin, sharp instrument and poke a hole in the butyl seal between the glass and body to pass the wire through.Pass the wire attached to one handle through the hole and secure it to the other handle. With a trusted assistant on the interior side (I prefer to be on the outside to make sure the paint doesn’t get damaged) cut the seal with a sawing motion of the wire around the entire perimeter of the glass. Be prepared to replace the wire several times and BE CAREFUL not to be touching a painted or upholstered surface with the wire when “sawing”.

 After cutting around the entire perimeter the glass will still be somewhat stuck. Gently but firmly push out at several points along the top and sides of the glass until it slowly starts to move away from the body. Keep working your way along the top until it “hinges” out away from the body and you can pull it loose from the bottom. With an assistant, lift it out of the opening and place on padded surfaces.